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These guidelines are intended to inform you about the process of submitting complaints addressed to the bank, related to potential technological or even human errors during the use of our banking services.

A complaint shall undergo the complaints handling process only in cases when it is submitted by the client personally and substantiated with facts. Please be as specific as possible regarding your complaint, as general and unfounded complaints shall not be considered as complaints.

How can I submit a complaint?

You can submit your complaint in the Albanian, Serbian or English language, by writing us via e-mail or post, by contacting our Call Centre or by filling in a form at one of our branches. Thus, there are several options available to you:

Time limits

You are advised to submit your complaint as close as possible to the date when the transaction or the service about which you have a complaint occurred. The bank will respond to you within 15 calendar days from the day on which you receive the acknowledgment of your complaint having been received by the bank. If the complaint was received on a non-business day, the following working day shall be considered as the first day of analysing the complaint. You will receive a response from the bank via the same communication channel through which the complaint was submitted, but if you prefer to receive the response through any other channel, then the bank will respond using that channel.

Serial reference number

Upon receipt, each complaint shall be assigned a corresponding serial number, which will serve as the bank’s identification number for your complaint. Therefore, when you receive the acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint from the bank, you will also receive the serial reference number. Should you find it necessary to contact the bank regarding the processing of your complaint, you will be asked to provide this reference number.

Additional information

If you feel that the bank’s response did not adequately address your complaint, then you will be informed of other steps you may take for the resolution of the complaint. In these cases, you may also send the complaint to the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, by writing to