e-Banking & transfers

ATM services

Through e-Banking which is designed especially for your business you can carry out many banking services while at the same time saving time and money. 

It is very easy to use this service; all you need is a computer which is connected to the internet. 

Services that you can complete with e-Banking: 

  • Transfers: within ProCredit Bank, domestic and international
  • Bills: water, electricity, telephone
  • Payments to municipality: Personal income tax, pension contributions, property tax, other payments due to local/national authorities for services received (ministries, courts, etc.), mortgage payments and other payments billed by the municipality
  • Customs duties which are immediately confirmed through email after the payment is made
  • Payments to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for documents such as: birth certificates, marriage certificates, citizenship certificates, ID cards, passports, driving licences, and other similar documents.
  • Insurance companies 
  • Other services that are offered via the e-Banking platform: reset of password, opening a term deposit account,  opening and managing monthly standing orders priorities national money transfers and register these in different values, credit payments, mass payments (e.g. salaries), access the improved overview of previous transactions, checking the accuracy of IBANs and accessing your e-Banking inbox.