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ProCredit Holding is the parent company to a global group of banks and was founded as Internationale Micro Investitionen AG (IMI) in 1998.

ProCredit Holding is committed to expanding access to financial services in developing countries and transition economies by building a group of banks that are the leading providers of fair, transparent financial services for small and medium-sized businesses as well as the general population in their countries of operation. It ensures that ProCredit corporate values, international best practice procedures and Basel II risk management principles are implemented group-wide in line with standards also set by the German supervisory authorities.

Shareholders Amount of nominal value  (EUR) Number of shares in %
ProCredit Holding 61,346,210 12,269,242 100
Total 61,346,210 12,269,242 100
*Valid as of 16 April 2014

For more information about the individual shareholders and the shareholder structure, as well as the composition of the Management Board and Supervisory Board of ProCredit Holding, please see ProCredit Holding website.