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Account Setup

Shërbimet shoqëruese bankare për Pakon e Avancuar 5.00 EUR / mujore

A current account is a basic account used for initiating your relation with the Bank through which you will be granted access to all our services. You may receive into or send from this account your funds through transfers and access such funds 24/7. You must use the current account only for personal reasons and only for legitimate purposes. If you do not use your account for an uninterrupted period of at least 6 (six) months the Bank shall reserve the right to close your account. If you have any outstanding debt against the Bank on any of your accounts the Bank has the right of lien on any amount in those accounts and you agree that the Bank may block or keep these amounts and use/debit the accounts to pay your debt.

The debit card is issued for a fixed period of time (embossed on the card) and is linked to your current account. If the Debit card has been used regularly the Bank may reissue your card automatically if it deems it reasonable even without your request; however it is your responsibility to timely submit in any case (prior to expiration or in any other case) an application for a new card. After the expiration or replacement of the card, the new card will be linked to the same account.  

The Bank applies limits for maximum allowed amounts for transactions with debit cards and/or for a fixed period and is entitled to modify such limits and inform clients through various communication channels. 

You shall be responsible for protecting your debit card and data from possible misuses and for all transactions carried out with that card. When receiving the Card, the Bank will instruct you on how to activate the card and receive the PIN code. The Bank will send the relevant PIN code in a closed envelope or using another appropriate physical or electronic method. The Bank will provide the confidential information about the bank transactions only to the Client personally.

E-Banking service enables you to electronically and securely access your bank accounts which you hold or which you are authorized to access upon providing your user name and password (in desktop and mobile version). 

By using your username personal password and security code you may view download and print the statements of your accounts and carry out certain types of bank transactions described in the E-banking service manuals published in our official website: ( For execution of several other transactions in order to protect you, you are requested additional information to verify your identity.

Your savings account should be used only for savings and cannot be used for routine transactions. The nominal interest is a fixed simple annual rate of % per year which is calculated based on the principal.

The interest is calculated as a simple interest using the following formula: actual number of days / 365 or 366 days depending on the year as of the deposit into your savings account. This method considers the actual calendar days of the month/year for calculating the interest. 

The interest is calculated in compliance with the requirements of CBK Regulation on Effective Interest Rates and Disclosure Requirements. Effective interest rate is %. Pursuant to the applicable legislation we are obliged to withhold at source the interest income (%) at the level and using the method determined which may change in line with the applicable law. 

The interest shall be calculated daily and paid monthly on the following banking working day after the end of calendar month. 

The interest income shall be credited into your current account.

SMS services enable clients to get information on their accounts check their account balance top up their mobile phones and purchase other products such as TV and Internet or combined packages. SMS services function by sending an SMS to 50333.

ProCredit Bank provides three types of services offered via SMS:

  • SMS Notification - through this service clients will always be informed on the movements in their account (accounts) in which cases they will receive an SMS on the new balance, amount, and type of the last transaction. You will be provided with SMS notification service for Credit and Debit transactions of 100 EUR and above.
  • SMS Top Up - to refill your mobile phone account or to pay the monthly IPKO products, send an SMS to 50333. Phone Top Ups are provided with Vala, IPKO mobile and IPKO FIKS as well as refills of IPKO monthly products: internet, TV, DuoTv (internet + TV), DuoFIX (internet + fixed phone). You will be provided with SMS Top Up service with a daily limit of 20 EUR for Vala and IPKO as well as monthly Top Up for IPKO Digital package Duo TV once a month. 
  • SMS Balance - To receive the current account status on your phone, send an SMS to 50333 with the text "Bilanc" or “B”. For Flex Save account, “ bilanc kursimi” or “BK”.

ProCredit Bank provides a mobile application for Private Clients that enables them to manage their finances through the phone. Some of the features of the application include:

Realizing transfers

Blocking and unblocking of cards

Managing card limits

Opening term deposits

Increasing the withdrawal limit at ATM (up to EUR 10 000)

In order to access the application you must use the client username and password for access to e-banking.

Terms and Conditions

Please read through the documents below and confirm you agree with the account conditions

I agree with the General Terms and Conditions and the Price List of ProCredit Bank. I have constant access to these documents as they are available on the Bank’s website and I am able to print them. In case of approval of my application I am aware that upon the invitation of the Bank, I must physically appear at the branch selected in the application to sign the agreement on banking services and other related documents. If I do not physically appear at the Bank within the term of 30 days from the moment I get an invitation from the Bank to sign the agreement, my application will not be valid and will be cancelled by the Bank.

The provided confirmation means that your personal details and the uploaded documentation that you have provided to us are accurate genuine unaltered and up-to-date and reflect the real situation and nothing has occurred which would mean that you shall notify the Bank of any change thereof by visiting the nearest branch of the Bank. Additionally you agree that all your personal data and business data may be processed by the Bank in compliance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data.


Based on the type of banking products/services selected above the Bank shall apply the commission according to the applicable price list.


Upon receipt of this request and all relevant documentation you will be contacted by the Bank within 2 weeks and informed of the Bank's decision on your request. If your documentation meets the legal and regulatory requirements a meeting will be scheduled at the Bank branch you have selected where you will sign the contract that activates the account and services selected by you.


Potential complaints may be addressed to the following phone numbers: +38349 555555 +38338 555555; and to the following e-mail address:; or the mail address: ProCredit Bank SH.A., street “Xhorxh Bush”, No.26, 10000 Prishtina, in the address of the Complaint Management Unit; or at the branches of the Bank.