Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The ProPay Digital Wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to make payments through your Smartphone or other Android mobile devices that support wireless technology in near distance called as NFC (Near Field Communication). You may perform payments in all POS terminals that support contactless payments.

Key advantages are:

  • When performing payments, it is not necessary to have the card with you, or take it out of your purse or bag.
  • Payment security is very high, as during the payment you will use the digital card, i.e. a token, which is different from the card number. Your card number will never be disclosed.


The ProPay Digital Wallet will be equipped with most advanced authentication method known as CDCVM (Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method), allowing for authentication of transactions from the Digital Wallet, which is done always, and for all amounts, by the mobile device, namely your phone, without having to input your PIN in the POS device or other vendor’s devices.

NOTE:  You must ensure that your phone is protected, by setting access security parameters (PIN, fingerprint, etc.) for unlocking your phone.

Për të filluar përdorimin e ProPay Kuletës  Digjitale,  telefoni apo pajisjet tjera duhet të kenë:

  • Instaluar sistemin operativ  Android versionin 4.4 Kit Kat apo më lartë,
  • Qasje në internet
  • Përkrahje për teknologjinë e komunikimit pa tela (NFC).

To start using the ProPay Digital Wallet, your phone or other device must:

  • Have installed operation system Android version 4.4 Kit Kat or higher,
  • Have internet access
  • Support wireless communication technology (NFC).

Note:  Due to limitation by Apple, the ProPay Digital Wallet for the moment is not available in IOS devices

  • The ProPay Digital Wallet is integrated in the mobile application, and requires a contract with ProCredit Bank on E-banking with SMS.

Once you install the latest version of the mobile application and access it, a notification will appear informing you of the Digital Wallet’s new function and the option of adding cards to your ProPay Digital Wallet.  

  • The mobile application must be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store
  • The ProPay Digital Wallet must be set as the primary wallet
  • The ProPay Digital Wallet can be installed in more than one mobile device.

After clicking on the ADD CARD button, you will commence procedures for configuring and activating the ProPay Digital Wallet.

  • You will set a four-digit PIN code, which is to be used for authorizing payments in amounts higher than EUR 40, and for other configurations of the ProPay Digital Wallet.
  • Select the primary card to be used for payments, whereby you will receive an SMS in the phone number registered with the bank, and upon correct identification, the Card will be activated and ready to make payments.
  • If you have other MasterCard Debit Cards, you can add them to your ProPay Digital Wallet subsequently or at a later time by clicking in the ADD CARD button and complying with the above steps. These cards will be added, and will shortly be available for payments.
  • You can select any of these cards as your primary card, at any time.

All MasterCard Debit Cards issued by ProCredit Bank, including Sticker Debit Cards, are supported by the ProPay Digital Wallet.

You can use the ProPay Digital Wallet in all POS devices that support contactless payments and “MasterCards”, both within the country and abroad.

Depending of the amount inputted into the POS terminal – there are two possible methods of payments:

  • For amounts up to 40 EURO, it would suffice if your phone (screen) is unlocked and close to the terminal, whereby with a simple touch the payment will be automatically done,
  • For amounts of 40-500 EURO, your phone (screen) must be unlocked and close to the terminal, whereby once the amount is read, you will have to make the authentication in your phone by inputting the five-digit code you have set-up earlier, or through the fingerprint option. After authentication by phone, the payment will be performed with a simple touch to the POS terminal.

You can also authorize payments by selecting the option PAY WITH PROPAY DIGITAL WALLET, which can be found at the homepage of the mobile application, where after you select the payment options, the payment will be carried out with a simple touch to the POS terminal.

If you have forgotten your four-digit PIN code, you must click on the RESET PIN option under Change PIN Code in your Digital Wallet. Naturally, this action will require authentication via SMS to the phone number registered with the Bank. Subsequently, you will be required to put your new PIN Code.

Payments are performed with NFC technology, and do not require internet access.

After the mobile application is installed, all cards must be digitalized again.

After you enter the ProPay Digital Wallet, you must select the Menu located in the upper right corner and then select the option Delete Digital Wallet.

After selecting the card in the ProPay Digital Wallet, all transactions initiated (approved or declined) will appear. Please consider that you will be able to see all payments initiated, both those approved and potentially those declined.

In order to see successful transactions, you must go to the Transaction History in the mobile application.

In case your phone was stolen or lost, you must immediately inform the Bank by contacting the Contact Centre at 038 555 555 or 049 555 555, in order to have your digitalized or physical cards blocked. If your phone is lost/stolen, you can request the Bank to only block your digital cards (tokens), while you can continue using your physical credit cards.

If your card is stolen or lost, you must block it through the Bank mobile application or by contacting the Contact Centre at 038 555 555 or 049 555 555. That Card will no longer be used for payments through the ProPay Digital Wallet, unless you request from the bank to unblock your Tokens, i.e. your digitalized card. Once you receive your new Card, you must add it to the Digital Wallet.