Big offer, small interest rate!


Buying a home remains a dream for most people ! 

With the aim of financing your long-term housing plans and promoting investments that benefit the wellbeing of families, ProCredit Bank has launched housing loans with preferential conditions.  

Housing loans with an effective interest rate starting 3.3% 

  • Preferential conditions
  • Repayment term of up to 20 years
  • Simple online application 

Invest in solar panels for your new home and pay 0% administrative expenses. As a bank committed to environmental protection, ProCredit makes it possible for you to pay 0% administrative expenses for the entire loan amount if you invest in solar panels.

If you are still renting, consider this offer!  It makes more sense to make monthly payments for a property that will be your own at the end of the day.



Loan for house/ apartment   150,000 Eur
Loan repayment term 240 months
Nominal rate 3.2%
Administratve expenses 0.5%
Effective interest rate 3.3%

***If the client also invest in solar panles. 10,000 Eur identical conditions as in the aforementioned example,  0% administrative expenses. And an effective interest rate starting at 3.25%

Loan for house/ apartment      150,000 Eur
Effective interest rate 3.25%

Offer valid until 31 march 2022!