Domestic transfers

Treasury Bills and Government Bonds issued by the Republic of Kosovo

Domestic transfers are all payment orders that are carried out through banks operating within the territory of Kosovo. 

  • Payments to the beneficiary that has an account at our bank, where the funds will be transferred to their account typically within 15 minutes.
  • Payments to a beneficiary who has an account with another bank within Kosovo.

Domestic payments can be:

  1. Standard—processed within the same business day;
  2. Priority—executed only through e-Banking and processed within 15 minutes from the moment of receipt

Also other domestic payments whose purpose is the payment of different services can be: 

  • Utility bills: water, electricity, telephone
  • Payments to municipality: Personal income tax, pension contributions, property tax, other payments due to budgetary units for services received (ministries, courts, etc.)
  • Customs duties