Google Pay™ Now Available in Kosovo!


The new era of digital payments has began, and you, as a ProCredit Bank client, have a front row ticket! Contactless payments that Google Pay offers in shops, online, and within apps have now been added to the broad range of your financial opportunities with ProCredit. 

Meet Google Pay

ProCredit Bank has come to the top as the first provider of Google Pay in Kosovo. You, along with all bank clients, will be among the first to have functional access to this new payment technology, benefiting from the advantages of transforming ProCredit bank cards into digital cards.

From the 25th of June 2024, you can add your MasterCard to Google Wallet™ and you can complete purchases or payments, either online, or in the store, with only one click in your smart phone or watch, wherever contactless payments are accepted!

Advantages of Google Pay

The launch of Google Pay brings a series of benefits for clients and businesses in Kosovo:

1.    Easy POS Payments: With Google Pay, you can make instant payments at stores only by keeping your Android smart phone or smart watch close to the POS terminal, wherever contactless payments are accepted using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This entirely removes the need for physical cards or cash, thus eliminating the risks or hassle of physical payments.

2.    High Security: Google Pay transactions are protected by advanced encryption technology developed by Google itself, guaranteeing a high level of protection of your personal and financial data.

3.    Quick Online Payments: When your card is added to the Google Wallet, it is more than easy to pay online. Just select the option ‘Pay with Google’ or select Google Pay as your payment method. The process is over in one minute!

The Future of Digital Payments in ProCredit

In the journey towards modernizing banking services in Kosovo, this collaboration with technology giants such as Google brings ProCredit Bank one step closer to meeting its long-term mission towards the full digitalization of services and a streamlined banking experience for its clients.

The Interim Chief Executive Officer of ProCredit Bank in Kosovo, Mr. Visar Paçarada, stated: "Our mission has always been to provide easier and friendlier banking services for our clients. The integration of such a modern payment system like Google Pay not only brings us closer to this mission but also highlights our commitment to staying ahead of the banking technology.”

Easier for you with Google Pay!