mPOS – A New Opportunity for Your Business!


Further to the digitalization of banking services, in order to enable its business clients to make fast, secure, and efficient payments, the ProCredit Bank has launched the “mPOS” service.

This service is provided through a software application that enables the business clients of the ProCredit Bank to receive contactless card payments, using their Android smart phone or tablet supporting NFC.

Apart from making payments, the mPOS also enables the return of or generate payments made during time intervals as determined by the client.

With the mPOS, the smart phone becomes a POS terminal enabling the receipt of secure payments in the field or at the store.

What does the mPOS offer?

  • Payments made without needing a POS terminal
  • Security and flexibility with card transactions
  • Contactless payments with any card, Visa or Master
  • Transaction generation
  • E-bills
  • Return of payments made within time intervals determined by the client

What do you need to be equipped with mPOS?

  • A business account with the ProCredit Bank
  • A smart phone of tablet using the Android operative system in versions 7 and beyond that support NFC communication
  • Internet connection

How should you apply?

  • Existing clients: Apply for mPOS by writing to us through e-Banking outbox or by contacting your business client advisor.
  • New clients: apply here to open a business account and to be issued the mPOS.