Pay the Monthly Bills through the Mobile Application


Use the mobile application for private clients and pay the bills from your phone, wherever you are! You may download the mobile application for free at the App Store & Play Store. It is very simple, quick, and safe to use it at no additional cost!

The bills you can pay:







To use this mobile application, you should first have the e-Banking, a service that is provided at no additional cost. If you do not have the e-Banking, please apply here and obtain it online.

For those who have e-Banking and still no mobile application, you may download it now.

Continue on desktop

 Instructional video: how to pay the electricity bill?

Besides the municipal bills, you may pay through the mobile application all other transactions and to manage your card or open time deposit accounts, check the other services here.


To access the application, you need to use the username and password that clients have to access the e-Banking.